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Looking to increase your Website Position on the Search Engines, Raise your Search Ranking or you simply need more Visitors and potential Customers to find your Website?


Contact us today to put our team to work for you.


See for yourself how our Web site Designers & Marketing solutions have driven the success of other companies Websites onto the Top Pages of Many Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing (MSN) along with many others.


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As an Internet Business that provides Seo we are in the process of implementing the new EU Cookie Law into our services to comply with the EU Cookie regulations so that we alert our visitors IF we were to use cookies on our website. At this current time we expect all visitors to accept Cookies automatically by default.


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Social Marketing for Businesses

Social Marketing! What exactly is Social Marketing? We are asked this question time and time again.


Social Marketing is a systematic form and application of marketing, various concepts and techniques to promote and advertise. The result being to achieve specific goals for a social good, whereas Commercial Marketing would be seen as for financial gains.


Mix these two concepts of marketing together and you have a very powerful strategy that achieves both goals, socially and financially. Social Media marketing delves into communication purposes for personal, small business, corporate and even non-profit organizations with the use of online internet based applications.

JS Website Designs provides many clients multiple formats of services, ranging from SEO, Video Marketing, Web Design, Keyword Ranking, Twitter, Facebook Business Pages, On-site Seo, Off-site Seo, Blogs and much more.


Most of the services are all included in packages that provide amazing results across the internet and a huge difference to Business branding, marketing and overall potential increase for more exposure and increases in sales.


Achieving Better Website Positions is fundamental for online success, blended with a touch of Twitter marketing and general tweeting, along with off-site Blogs, a Facebook social and Business profile all running in the background presence of your own daily jobs of running your businesses.


Having a marketing Plan, a marketing strategy is important, we are able to sit down with you to discuss our proposals once we understand your business, products and services. JS Website Designs has become a popular service to Weston-super-mare Businesses and across the UK. We believe this is from successful and powerful results from our multiple services.


As a Social Marketing Business in Weston-super-Mare Somerset we offer free consultations. Call today

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